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Springtime Means Crappie!

Springtime Means Crappie!

As spring approaches, many anglers around the country await the spawning period of the delicious crappie.  As water temperatures approach 60° Fahrenheit crappie make their way to the shallows to feed aggressively to restore their strength from the winter and to prepare to spawn.  The females will begin to move back to deeper water as water warms to 70°.  The males will stay behind to guard the the nests.  As water temps reach 75° the males will move off to deeper water and join the females.

Crappie are found throughout the country's fresh water lakes and rivers.  Crappie look for sandy or gravel bottoms where brush and vegetation is present to build their nests.

There are two species of crappie, the black crappie and white crappie.  While both species are difficult to tell apart, (They school together as well as spawn together) the easiest way to tell them apart is by the spines on the dorsal fin.  Black crappies have between 7-8 spines on the dorsal fin while the white crappie has 5-6 spines.  Regionally there are more black crappie in the north while there is a larger population of white crappie in the south.  One area where there is no difference between the two is the delectable flavor of these popular pan-fish.

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