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Bear Bomb Hickory Smoked Bacon 6.65 Oz Aerosol

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Thanks to the Bear Bombs NVERTR 180-degree ball valve, bear guides have found that Hickory Smoked Bacon has the ability to activate bait sites in minutes where typically it can take several days for a site to be hit. Disperse Bear Bomb Hickory Smoked Bacon in short bursts from a stand or blind, or lock down the valve and empty the contents of the can all at once to unleash a potent cloud of scent that can travel in excess of a quarter mile on a 3 mph breeze. The atomized scent sticks to everything it contacts, creating a natural scent trail right to your location.

Bear Bomb Hickory Smoked Bacon contains 6.65 ounces of pure, fresh urine from young does and fawns

Its particularly effective as a natural cover scent and an attractant for bear

Use Bear Bomb Hickory Smoked Bacon while in your stand or blind, or when stalking bear to create a barrier of cover scent between you and the animal

The atomized scent is equally effective when used on scent trails, in mock scrapes, or when applied to a decoy to ramp up the enticement level

The simple convenience of Bear Bomb Hickory Smoked Bacon means the end of fumbling with messy screw-top bottles of attractant scent

Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, visit