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MyMedic Cycle Medic MedPack

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Cycle Medic MedPack

The Cycle Medic MedPack is your all-in-one First Aid solution that has everything you need to remedy the most common injuries that occur to cyclists. Made for cyclists by cyclists with medical expertise.

MedPacks was created to make First Aid simple for you. Now you can be confident that you're prepared with exactly what you need, when you need it, for any injury or activity because too often help is further than you think. So grab yours today and... Stay Alive!

Kit Details:

    - Small bandage (1" x 3.25") x 1- Large bandage (2" x 4") x 2- Gauze roll (2" x 12.5') x 1- Liquid Skin (0.5 grams) x 1- Tubular gauze (Large) x 1- Tubular gauze (Medium) x 1- Wound closure strip x 3- Ibuprofen tablet (100 mg) x 4- Superskin (1" x 2.75") x 2- Fizz tablets (4.4 gram tablet) x 1- Lip balm (0.5 grams) x 1- Sunscreen (3.5 grams) x 1- Antibiotic Ointment (0.9 grams) x 1- Sting relief wipe (2% Lidocaine) x 1- Chamois Butt'r anti-chafe cream x1- P.A.W.S. hand wipe x 1- Antiseptic BZK towelette x 1

*MyMedic reserves the right to replace individual supplies within First Aid Kits and Med+Packs with supplies of equal value at our discretion.

*Sold as an Individual