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Ready Rack - Single Gun

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Manufacture ID: BMWRRR1

The BenchMaster WeaponRAC Single Gun Ready Rack promotes easy access of any pistol or handgun. With removable soft pads to keep pistols free of scratches, this Gun Rack from BenchMaster is great to keep your firearms protected from harm. The adjustable compression design allows the BenchMaster Weapon RAC Single Weapon Ready Rack to store almost any pistol or handgun for quick retrieval. The BenchMaster WeaponRAC Firearm Ready Rack is for ready access pistol storage just about anywhere the Velcro back and powerful magnets make this Weapon Rack one that can be used anywhere in or out of a safe. When you want an American made customizable rack, look no further than the BenchMaster Rifle Rest One Weapon Ready Rack.


- Adjustable compression design allows any pistol or handgun to be stored with ready access
- Soft pads keep pistols from being marred or scratched while being stored yet allow easy removal
- Lever applies pressure for secure hold
- Contains powerful magnets and velcro back
- Adjustable cam compression design


- Color: Gray
- Materials: Metal
- Dimensions: 6.50 x 6.25 x 2.50
- Weight: 1.75