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SA Sports Bison Recurve Compound Bow Set 565

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The SA Sports Bison Youth Recurve Compound Bow Set delivers style and functionality with a look that is modeled right after Dads bow and lightweight molded limbs for young archers. This bow features a sight bracket with an adjustable brass sight pin, and a replaceable arrow rest. The full-sized integrated quiver comes with 2 target arrows ready for practice. The set includes an arm guard and a finger tab for the comfort and safety of youth hunters while they learn. The bow has a 20 pound draw weight and an adjustable draw length to suit your growing young archer.

20 pound draw weight; adjustable draw length for growing youth archers

Includes an arm guard and finger tab for comfort and safety

Equipped with a sight bracket, brass sight pin, and replaceable arrow rest

Includes an integrated quiver with 2 target arrows

Lightweight molded limbs and riser; right-handed

Right Hand Only